On-Time, and to Specifications

Headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas, Alessi Keyes Construction has completed more than 500 projects since its inception in 1993. Founding partners, Cloud Keyes and James Alessi made a commitment to serve their clients with integrity, provide value, and prioritize safety. Now with an annual volume between $25-$30 million, those same principles continue to guide the company today.

Alessi Keyes Has never failed to complete a project

Alessi Keyes is committed to delivering each project on time, within budget, according to specifications, and with quality workmanship. We scrutinize potential subcontractors using multiple measures and compliance factors to ensure every company we partner with is equally committed to our standards and the client's satisfaction. At Alessi Keyes we pride ourselves on:

  • Integrity - our name and reputation are our finest assets.
  • Permanent client relationships - clients' interests are always our primary focus as we seek to build relationships that last
  • Honest Value - we are industry competitive, organizationally efficient, and produce recognized, high-quality projects.
  • Accountable and accessible leadership - our senior management team has a hands-on approach to every project by executing a "Team Member" management style. 
  • Safety - Our EMR (.70) is one of the lowest in the industry. This saves clients money and mitigates financial risk.
  • Excellent Credit Rating - we are financially sound and responsible. Suppliers and subcontractors are paid promptly.
  • Employees - Our team consists of some of the best in the business. Their knowledge and skill are complemented by nationally recognized construction management software, ensuring every client receives the quality and value they deserve.

At Alessi Keyes, we are completely committed to the total success of your construction investment. We take pride in our work, so you can also take pride in yours. Here, success is measured by what we are able to do for you—Every client will receive our total attention, very best services, and commitment to value.

Mission Statement

"Guided by our faith, we build with integrity, commit to safety, and pursue excellence for our clients and employees."

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